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IT Law & Internet Law/ eCommerce

IT law and/or internet law plays an important role for many IT companies including companies in other sectors: in the area of IT in connection with the operation of IT infrastructures, IT projects, software creation or the use of software

When it comes to questions of internet law, the primary focus is often on legal questions concerning websites, web shops and social media. There are also copyright questions on the use of content, involving questions of consumer protection, trademark and competition law or media law.

Regardless whether each area is dealt with individually or both in a jointly manner, it is uniquely complex and extensive. We tackle this area of practice by advising and representing companies of all sizes, including those who are self-employed individuals, comprehensively in IT and internet law or e-commerce. We profoundly offer our services on drafting legally secured contract and compliant conduct on the internet, -such as corporate communication in terms of contractual and legal infringements.

IT Law

The IT sector is characterised by contracts, as it is essentially and to a large extent covers contract law with very specific yet complex content.

Professional legal advice in IT law thus requires proper legal skills in the area of contract negotiation, contract drafting and enforcement of contractual claims. On the other hand, an in-depth understanding of the respective contractual contents is absolutely inevitable. Having an extensive knowledge in this element is the key to provide successful and efficient legal support for IT projects, among other things. Similar approach applies to software contracts when it comes to software creation or software licensing which includes "Software as a Service" (SaaS) contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), software maintenance and support. And even if IT legal advice relates to legal issues around the topic of cloud computing – usually it also brings reference to data protection law - special skills and experience are indispensable.

We are highly experienced in this area with qualified expertise especially when it comes to drafting suitable contracts for instance individual contracts or model contracts for multiple uses (software contracts, SaaS, SLAs, ASP, IaaS, PaaS, provider contracts, GTCs, ADVs, NDAs, etc.). In this context, we are delighted to be your choice of contact for IT and software houses,  companies which implement IT projects within the company or  in need for software developed or licensed for their own purposes. Additionally, we provide professional assistance in enforcing those contractual claims, defending against unjustified claims or taking action against infringements of rights in the case of software piracy. Our representation also extends for matters in or out of court and arbitration proceedings.

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Law on the Internet / e-Commerce

The internet plays an enormously important factor to facilitate companies in matters involving communication, marketing and sales. Of course, the wide range of interactions and exposure tend to raise a number of things to consider.  As we are all living in a tech-savvy environment, it is wise to take appropriate precautions in order to avoid often expensive and annoying infringements from its outset.

For this reason, it is important to design and operate web presences like websites, web shops profiles in the social media platform in a legally secured manner by having consumer protection regulations or copyright requirements (texts, photos, graphics, music licences) as a safety blanket, also prioritising the requirements of competition law, media law and, for example, with regard to trademarks and names.

Our services offers full coverage in this area of practice which includes development phase of websites and social media presences. Additionally we do check concepts, layouts, design necessary documentations as in general terms and conditions, cancellation policies, the imprint and data protection declarations. This helps to prevent troublesome and costly warnings, including claims for damages, arising out from its outset. Of course, we are also at your disposal when it comes to checking existing online presences of all kinds for legal conformity and adapting them if necessary. In the event of warnings, etc., we will come forth to represent you for both in and out of court to ward off unjustified claims or to minimise the consequences of actual infringements.

In a nutshell, it is also significant to take effective action against infringements of rights by third parties. Our team can offer to protect your legal positions effectively against legal "encroachments" by third parties with warnings, injunctions or applications for interim injunctions and the enforcement of claims for damages as a result of copyright infringements or infringements of competition by unfair advertising methods by competitors.

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